Acquisition Services
We have found properties for our clients in multiple states. We understand the process and represent you when you want to acquire self-storage properties.

Sable Realty Advisors will work with you to clearly understand your criteria for property acquisition. We don’t want to waste your time looking at things that don’t fit.
Once we have that understanding, we will:

  1. Conduct in-depth reviews of the market itself.
  2. We’ll determine economic drivers, growth trends, self-storage rental trends and other factors that are important to understand.
  3. We’ll determine the status of each property that fits your criteria and present those that can be bought.
  4. If none are available at the time, we follow-up periodically to be prepared when they do become available.

Depending on your capabilities, we can help with due diligence, and we will manage the administrative details involved in getting through due diligence and through closing.